The membership needs and deserves a Chief Steward that knows the job, can step into the position and take over from day one, and is looking out for the membership as a whole and not just a few classifications.  It’s not about thinking you can do the job; it’s about knowing you can and have done the job.

I have the necessary skills and experience to be Chief Steward. I have 6 years of experience handling grievances. Experience with the entire grievance process; from writing grievances, to investigating grievances, to arguing grievances with the company. I have an in depth, working knowledge of the contract from 7 years as a negotiator.

In order for a Chief Steward to be successful, the membership needs to be united. There needs to be continuity among us all. We need to work together, not one classification against another. We need to be family. I am prepared to do what needs to be done to make this a reality. Are you?

The Chief Steward position is not about being in the company’s face on a daily basis. It’s about knowing when to argue and when to talk. It’s about doing what is needed and necessary to benefit the membership as a whole. It is about keeping people working during these trying financial times.